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Backstory issue 19 – is now live on the iPad!

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**We publish exclusively on the iPad** Yet hope to have our magazine on the web soon! Right here in fact, so please understand this is a TEMPORARY home page.

There’s a ton of great pieces in issue 19 – so – please check out a free PDF of our table of contents by clicking the link near the top right of this page.

Issue 19 contains plenty of in-depth interviews with top directors, screenwriters, producers and comic book writers and is enhanced with multimedia elements plus full length scripts and excerpts for you to read!

The eighteenth issue of Backstory is jam packed with full-length interviews from today’s most innovative storytellers and includes:

A Few Backstory Issue 19 Highlights:

**Cover Story: Steve Jobs**

The man who invented the very same device you are likely holding in your hand, gets the filmic treatment from an Oscar-winning duo in two separate longform cover stories!

Steve Jobs: The Writer
Oscar and Emmy winner Aaron Sorkin resets his creative habits.

Steve Jobs: The Director
Oscar winner Danny Boyle on bringing Aaron Sorkin’s stellar
script to life.

ALSO: You’ll love these other in-depth storytelling pieces

The Actor: Brie Larson
The multifaceted performer on breaking out of Room poised for Academy recognition.

Ink Tales: The Wicked + The Divine
Comic mastermind Kieron Gillen on the pop stars, gods and
plot twists that make up his ongoing classic series.

Black List Tales: Beauty Pageant
Twin scribes Shea and Evan Mirzai land a third script on the
coveted compendium and ride it to their first Hollywood sale.
Plus, read the full screenplay.

TV DVR’d: The Leftovers
Showrunner Damon Lindelof on entering season two and
going beyond the novel that started it all.

TV DVR’d: Mr. Robot
Sam Esmail talks about the twists, turns, and beautifully drawn characters that made up 2015’s best television show.

TV DVR’d: Star Wars Rebels
Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy carry on their old mentor
George Lucas’ legacy with the hit Disney animated series.

Current Cinema: Bridge of Spies
Playwright Matt Charman on having his first big-screen
adventure be with one of the world’s greatest living directors.

Current Cinema: Crimson Peak
Writer-director Guillermo del Toro on finding the kind of love
that blooms from the darkness.

Current Cinema: Room
Emma Donoghue on readying her haunting 2010 novel for its
big-screen debut. Plus, read the screenplay.

Current Cinema: Truth
First-time director James Vanderbilt on bringing Hollywood
wattage to his chronicle of a 60 Minutes scandal.

Current Cinema: The Walk
Christopher Browne on how he went from PA to Robert Zemeckis’ co-writer on a film that depicts one man’s attempt to tightrope walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center.

PLUS: Enoy reading the full Bone Tomahawk screenplay, an
interview with Drew Goddard on The Martian, John MacNamera
on Trumbo, writer-director Thomas McCarthy on Spotlight, plus
hear BBC Radio breathe new life into unproduced scripts by
Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock, and more!

Backstory issue 19 delivers the summer read you’ve been craving!

Download or view a full issue 19 Table of Contents PDF by clicking on it on the top right of this page!

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If you do not own an iPad – stay tuned for updates! We will be launching a fully interactive web version RIGHT HERE in 2015 – so please check back!

—Thank you for helping spread the word and remember the app and Issue 01 are still free on the iPad!—


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