Allen Ginsberg reads poetry which was composed while on L.S.D. to William F. Buckley on “Firing Line”:

Allen Ginsberg reads “Put Down That Cigarette Rag (Don’t Smoke)”:

Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl” in 1959:

Jack Kerouac reads from “On The Road” on The Steve Allen Show:

William S. Burroughs “Advice For Young People”:

William S. Burroughs “Thanksgiving Prayer” music video from the ‘Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales’ album:

Francis Ford Coppola presents William S. Burroughs ‘The Junky’s Christmas’ – a claymation film with the audio from the Burroughs reading on the album ‘Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales.’

William S. Burroughs ‘The “Priest” They Called Him’ featuring music by Kurt Cobain:

William S. Burroughs reads “The Doctor Is On The Market [from ‘Cities of the Red Night’]

Hear the entire ‘Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales’ William S. Burroughs album one track at a time as a playlist – just click play and let it roll:

Bonus: A long audio lecture by William S. Burroughs on June 25th 1986: