Come back soon for a full explanation of all you’d want to know!

Information on this page will include how to download, subscribe, read and even archive Backstory!

Backstory is currently only available on the iPad.

It is a free app that can be downloaded from the iPad app store by typing, “Backstory” into the iPad store’s search window.

After downloading Backstory – when you open it – suddenly you will be taken to your Apple Newsstand, which is where you’ll always find Backstory in the future. (Users who have not updated their iPads, will see Backstory as an app with their other apps)

So – just go into your Newsstand, select Backstory and you’ll arrive at your library page, where your issues can be found. Issue 01 is free for a limited time. Touch “Download” to get it and after it downloads you can open it.

First you’ll see the cover. Swipe your screen right to left to turn the page. Enjoy the first page, then swipe again and you’ll find a visual guide with all your instructions.

Stay Tuned: Information will also be made here regarding when Backstory becomes available on other devices and possibly one day even your home computer!

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