If you are reading Backstory on a tablet, it can be downloaded so that you can read the magazine at a time when you have no internet connection.

Here’s how:

1) After buying an issue, subscribing or signing in to your account: Click on the issue you want to download onto your tablet.

2) Look for the download icon in the top right corner which is an arrow, which points downward and please click this icon.

3) You will see the issue begin to download, our issues generally take up at least 250 mb of space, with our free issue taking up around 550 mb of space, so please make sure you have the room on your tablet for this download.

4) Once the download is complete you can read your issue!

5) When you’ve decided to archive the issue, you can do so easily and free up space on your tablet. Should you need to at a future date you can download the issue again.

6) In order to archive an issue – just click on the settings icon in the top right and you’ll see a dropdown menu – select archive and then the issue will be deleted from your tablet!

Have questions? Email us anytime!