How To Use the Backstory App and Web Browser

1) Look at the Table of Contents of Every Issue!

A) Click on the “See All Issues” button.

B) Pick any issue you’d like to look inside of.

C) The cover image and the table of contents are listed as
“Free Preview” pages so you can click them and read through
them without being signed in!

2) You can read free issue #1 just by clicking on the button – there is no need to sign in!

3) In order to read the magazine here’s what you will need to do:

A) On a tablet: Click the subscribe button in the top right
corner and you will then be able to subscribe for a year or
purchase an individual issue.

B) If you already have a Backstory Magazine account you can
sign in to it via the top left hamburger menu, by then
scrolling to the bottom and signing in.

C) On our website: You can sign up to subscribe here and get
access to Backstory in your web browser. You can then use
your account information from the web to sign in and access
content on a tablet.

Have a question? Ask away!