Here’s more logophobia and creepy late night signoffs than the average person should ever need.

Think fast! You have but moments to live before a CBS Special Presentation destroys you!

When was the last time someone aimed a hammer at your face?

What logo would dare to haunt a sleeping child?

Producer John Charles Walters makes a subtle but deadly noise that scared plenty of kids.

Talk about an evil eye, watch this 1950s CBS iris logo.

See multiple versions of WGBH Boston’s TV logo accompanied by its horrifying score.

The original WGBH horror.

A WGBH variant.

Kind of Video Gamey WGBH.

Even the modern CGI version of the WGBH is creepy.

Know any kids from Ontario, Canada who scare easily? Maybe they saw this Ontario Educational Communications Authority logo growing up.

The Viacom V of Doom will hunt you down!

–Late Night Signoffs–

There is an art to them.

Yep, an all male chorus national anthem is creepy at 2am.

It’s not scary, the logos are ultra cheesy but once ‘My Country ‘Tis Of Thee’ kicks in, it starts to look slightly creepy.

Enjoy some classic 1982 TV from KABC Los Angeles before your bedtime. You’ll get a thought of the day and then an air-force visual poem entitled, “High Flight.” Low creep factor. High vintage TV love factor.

And finally, those geniuses at SCTV did a spoof of late night signoffs.