December 14, 2017 Jeff Goldsmith

Yes you can!

You are able to easily buy the most recent issues here!

The trick is you need to use the subscription link as that’s the page you can purchase things on.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be subscribing – just use the subscription link and then on the page it opens select the single issue you’d would like to purchase.

It’s just that easy!

Remember, if you’d like to save money, consider subscribing as you’ll get access to the current issue plus all of our back issues as well!

Once you subscribe through the Backstory website, you will gain access on a desktop/laptop for reading.

You can also sign in with your account on an iPad to access and read all the same issues for no extra charge as a subscriber by using your desktop/laptop credentials!

At this moment a desktop/laptop subscription will not allow subscription access via Google Play on an Android tablet or on an Amazon Fire tablet.

We’re unsure why and are looking into it – so check back for updates.

Remember, if you would like to sample us before you subscribe, please read Issue 01 – our free issue!

On iPads and Androids, you are able to buy single issues – and also subscribe (iPads only).

***If you’re a tablet user, we hope you’ll subscribe through this site and then log in on your tablet—doing so will put more of your dollars into the magazine’s infrastructure.

In 2018, when we launch our smart phone app, subscribers will have free access to all issues there as well.

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