January 1, 2018 Jeff Goldsmith

Technically yes and no.

No, because our main payment gateway is not set up for it, so you cannot do it through the instantaneous method on our site.

Yes, because of course we’ll still accept it if that’s the way you want to pay!

Just send the $24.95 US Dollars to yogoldsmith at G  m  a  i  l  .  c  o  m — yes – we separated that email address so kooky bots don’t start sending random stuff – but like you need to take out the spaces when you send money. Also – please send money as if you’re sending it to a friend, so we don’t encounter any fees.

Upon receipt of payment – we will manually set up a subscription account for you and will use the email address you paid with to email that info to you. Since we’re doing it manually – it might take us up to an hour after receiving it – or a full day or so. Our hope is to get your reading as fast as we can but just wanted you to know there could be a small wait.


Category: Subscribing