December 14, 2017 Jeff Goldsmith

We hope you’ll subscribe through this website, since that will put 30% more of your subscription dollars toward our operating costs and continuing to build our infrastructure.

By subscribing here, we’ll also be able to alert you better when new issues arrive or articles are post published – something that we mostly can’t do if you subscribe on an iPad.

Subscribing here will also allow you to use your log in information on an iPad or through the Backstory App in Google Play on an Android tablet.

If you’re a current iPad subscriber – when you get that once a year email asking if you want to auto-renew your subscription, we hope you’ll actually cancel on an iPad and instead come over her to subscribe.

You’ll get all the same access by subscribing here and then can log in on your iPad (or through Google Play on an Android tablet) with your shiny new credentials.

It’s the best of both worlds!

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