November 2, 2017 Jeff Goldsmith

We love to post-publish.

This means we announce an article in our table of contents but the interview often wasn’t even conducted when we clicked publish. This also allows readers to see what’s in store for the issue.

We love the flexibility of being able to publish post facto because it allows us expand coverage past our publication date to bring our readers the best content we can.

Sometimes we even add articles not previously announced.

Post-publishing is often simply a matter of juggling talent schedules with production schedules.

When you see a page that says the piece will be post published and to “check back for updates” please periodically return to that page.

Once we’ve published the piece, the post-publish message will disappear and the article is displayed in its place.

Note: After a software change, we noticed a few of articles missing from previous issues and are working to update them one by one – thanks for your patience!

Category: Reading