So I can’t be everywhere at once and neither can you – thus we’re both gonna miss some cool panels.

I propose we all try and record what we can and I’ll try and podcast the ones where the sound quality came out decently (no promises, but that’s the goal).

So here’s the panels I have an interest in – if you’re able to make one – please record! Or if you’re at a cool panel just record it! (I didn’t have time to lookup Sunday stuff)

If you don’t get into the panel of your choice, you might want to try one of my alternates.

See my picks by going here.

**Note mobile phones won’t be able to read that link above and will load a general schedule with all things listed – don’t sweat it – just record what floats your boat – get a good recording and email me about it after comic-con!

FYI I might have an extra recorder if someone wants to use it and are going to a lot of panels on fri – email me!


1) Seat yourself near a speaker unit, as the sound will come out better that way.

2) Aim your device at the speakers, not the people on stage, the speakers is where the sound comes from.

3) Email me after comic-con and we’ll work to get the MP3s collected and see what we have.

Have fun and thx for helping out!