November 6, 2017 Jeff Goldsmith

We love Apple, but they share none of their information with us. For that reason we need to verify you. Please make a scan or jpg of your credit card statement that shows your Backstory subscription purchase and email it to

We must see your name or company name as part of verification. Please cover up your credit card numbers with a piece of paper – or redact them digitally. We also need to see what month your subscription began.

Upon receipt of this, we will manually create a web subscription account for you and will email your login credentials to you.

This process might take up to 3 business days – might be same day – we’re working as fast as we can~

Your web access will expire on the same date your tablet subscription does.

**We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider cancelling your iPad subscription when it’s time to be renewed and paying to subscribe through this website!

By subscribing here more of your subscription dollars go toward the magazine.

Subscribers can use their login credentials from this site to sign in to the app on their iPads and keep reading – so it’s a win-win!

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