January 3, 2020 Jeff Goldsmith

At the end of 2019 we implemented new software and there’s an odd glitch that is signing out some folks on iPads and here on our website as well.

The problem is the password reset button isn’t showing up for everyone – so we’re happy to do this manually for our readers until it’s fixed!

1) If you purchased your subscription through our website – please email backstoryhelp@gmail.com and just give us your full name and we’ll look you up and reset your password.

2) If you purchased your subscription on an iPad – please email us at backstoryhelp@gmail.com and tell us your full name and include a screenshot of your subscription from the iTunes store so we can see your activation dates, etc – and we’ll reset your password.

FYI – iPad users also get free access to the web-viewer version – so your login credentials will work in both places.

Also for iPad users – consider ending your Apple subscription and subscribing through our website – that’d be just dandy as we won’t then lose 30% to apple and can direct more of your subscription fee toward Backstory’s resources.

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