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Backstory issue 22 – is now live on the iPad!

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**We publish the full magazine exclusively on the iPad** Yet we hope to have full magazine on the web soon! Right here in fact – for now we hope you will peek inside our Issue 1 and Issue 2 samples to see the types of interviews we do with writers and directors!

For you folks with iPads – There’s a ton of great pieces in issue 22 – so – please check out a free PDF of our table of contents by clicking the link near the top right of this page.

Issue 22 contains plenty of in-depth interviews with top directors, screenwriters and comic book artists and is enhanced with multimedia elements plus full length scripts and excerpts for you to read!

The twenty second issue of Backstory is jam packed with full-length interviews from today’s most innovative storytellers and includes:

A Few Backstory Issue 22 Highlights:

**Cover Story: Captain America: Civil War**

We love this film and know you’ll dig our in-depth coverage, which went live right as the film was released. You have three great stories to choose from.

Captain America: Civil War: The Writers – Spoiler Free
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on crafting drafting a crowd-pleasing Marvel blockbuster.

Captain America: Civil War: The Writers – Spoilers & All
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely reveal the secrets behind some of the epic’s more memorable moments.

Captain America: Civil War: The Directors
Anthony and Joe Russo on morality tales, superhero throw downs and bringing their geek dreams to life.

ALSO: You’ll love these other in-depth storytelling pieces

Ink Tales: Giant Days
John Allison discusses the creation and writing of his beloved Eisner-nominated comic series.

Black List Tales: An African Western
Choe Castellón and Ridgeway Wilson take their cues from Tarantino with an acclaimed script that melds the revenge western and the jungle. Plus read the entire script!

TV DVR’d: Daredevil
Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez on writing the second season of Marvel’s acclaimed Netflix series, tackling moral dilemmas and getting to wrestle with The Punisher and Elektra.

Staged: No Wake
Playwright William Donnelly on his morbidly comedic tale.

TV DVR’d: Fear the Walking Dead
ShowrunnerDave Erickson crafts the high-octane moments that make up this spinoff to AMC’s blockbuster series.

TV DVR’d: Orphan Black
ShowrunnerGraeme Manson and John Fawcett bring their show back to its roots in a flawless fourth season.

Current Cinema: Green Room
Jeremy Saulnier follows up his gritty indie hit Blue Ruin with an equally dark punk-rock thriller.

Current Cinema: The Invitation
Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay craft a psychological thriller more than 15 years in the making.

Current Cinema: The Jungle Book
Screenwriter Justin Marks reimagines Mowgli’s journey while preserving the indelible images of a Disney classic.

Current Cinema: Keanu
Co-writer Alex Rubens makes the leap from TV’s Key & Peele to writing his first feature film with the shows Jordan Peel.

ALSO: Writer-Director Yorgos Lanthimos on The Lobster and a report from the 2016 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival’s All The President’s Men screening with legendary journalist and pulitzer winner, Carl Bernstein.

Backstory issue 22 delivers the spring read you’ve been craving!

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