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Backstory issue 29 – is now live!

**We publish the full magazine on the iPad and in Google Play for tablets** Yet we hope to have full magazine on the web soon in November 2017! Right here in fact – for now we hope you will peek inside our Issue 1 and Issue 2 samples to see the types of interviews we do with writers and directors! (look for the link on the top right of this page)

For you folks with iPads and Google Play on tablets- There’s a ton of great pieces in issue 29 – so – please check out a free PDF of our table of contents by clicking the link near the top right of this page.

Issue 29 contains plenty of in-depth interviews with top directors, screenwriters, playwrights and comic book writers and is enhanced with multimedia elements plus full length scripts and excerpts for you to read!

The twenty ninth issue of Backstory is jam packed with full-length interviews from today’s most innovative storytellers and includes:

A Few Backstory Issue 29 Highlights:

It’s Our Blade Runner 2049 Issue Issue!!

We are obsessed with Blade Runner 2049, so of course we dedicated our cover and lots of inside coverage to it!

Cover Story: The Writer-Director
Enjoy a deep 5,000+ word interview with Matt Reeves as he examines his creative process and explains why there can be no peace for the apes.

Cover Story: The Co-Writer
There was nothing apelike Mark Bomback’s construction of Caesar’s third act. Plus, see excerpts from War’s script outline!

ALSO: You’ll love these other in-depth storytelling pieces:

Tune UpSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Giles Martin, son of longtime Beatles producer Sir George Martin, on the creative choices he faced remixing and enhancing the band’s seminal album.

Black List Tales: The Hunchback
Topher Rhys-Lawrence takes Victor Hugo’s classic novel and sets it in a dystopian future with a political climate that will seem all too familiar—plus read the entire script!

Ink Tales: Hostage
Guy Delisle’s latest graphic novel
tells the real-life story of a kidnapped Doctors Without Borders staffer forced into a darkened room for months.

TV DVR’d: The Leftovers
Damon Lindelof crafts the ultimate nal season for his imperfect yet brilliant HBO series.

TV DVR’d: Wet Hot American Summer:
Ten Years Later

David Wain and Michael Showalter check in with their beloved Camp Fire- wood counselors for a third time with a Net ix series now set in the ’90s.

TV DVR’d: The Westworld Q&A
Creators and cast were on hand for a fun event to chat about season one’s biggest moments—and we took notes!

Happy Endings:Planet of the Apes
The conclusion of the original ground- breaking 1968 sci- classic featured one of the all-time great twists, yet a long road was traveled to get to it.

Happy Endings:Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
The fourth of the five films in the beloved G-rated series contained some of its most violent moments…until they got chopped out in post.

Current Cinema: Baby Driver
Writer-director Edgar Wright on revving up the perfect heist ick with the precisely perfect score. Plus, exclusive – read scenes from Wright’s script!

Current Cinema: The Big Sick
Director Michael Showalter on balancing humor and heart for the indie romantic comedy that wowed the festival circuit

Current Cinema: A Ghost Story
David Lowery on writing and directing an existentially haunting meditation on love, loss and lasting impressions.

Current Cinema: Ingrid Goes West
Co-writer/director Matt Spicer and co-writer David Branson Smith put down their phones for a second to chat about their Sundance Waldo Salt Award– winning screenplay.

Current Cinema: Patti Cake$
Writer-director Geremy Jasper on creating the improbable eponymous rap star of this Sundance hit.

Spoilers & All: Wonder Woman
Allan Heinberg goes from the TV writers’ room to penning the famed superhero’s big-screen headlining bow.

Novel Idea: The Godfather Notebook
Francis Ford Coppola shares the detailed annotations he made on Mario Puzo’s classic novel before taking the award-winning saga to the big screen. Plus, exclusive: Read a full scene from the book!

Staged: The Encounter
Writer-director-actor Simon McBurney on utilizing state-of-the-art aural technology to create an unforgettably immersive one-man show.

ALSO in this issue: David Lynch: The Art Life, War Machine and more to explore!

Backstory issue 27 delivers the storytelling read you’ve been craving!

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