At the end of 2019 we implemented new software and there’s an odd glitch that is signing out some folks on iPads and here on our website as well.

The problem is the password reset button isn’t showing up for everyone – so we’re happy to do this manually for our readers until it’s fixed!

1) If you purchased your subscription through our website – please email and just give us your full name and we’ll look you up and reset your password.

2) If you purchased your subscription on an iPad – please email us at and tell us your full name and include a screenshot of your subscription from the iTunes store so we can see your activation dates, etc – and we’ll reset your password.

FYI – iPad users also get free access to the web-viewer version – so your login credentials will work in both places.

Also for iPad users – consider ending your Apple subscription and subscribing through our website – that’d be just dandy as we won’t then lose 30% to apple and can direct more of your subscription fee toward Backstory’s resources.

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We love hearing from you!

Drop us a line with kudos, bug fix requests and general Qs!

You can email us anytime:

Not in the mood to type out the address?

You can also just scroll down the main FAQ page and use the contact us form – which will go to the same address.

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Yes you can!

You are able to easily buy the most recent issues here!

The trick is you need to use the subscription link as that’s the page you can purchase things on.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be subscribing – just use the subscription link and then on the page it opens select the single issue you’d would like to purchase.

It’s just that easy!

Remember, if you’d like to save money, consider subscribing as you’ll get access to the current issue plus all of our back issues as well!

Once you subscribe through the Backstory website, you will gain access on a desktop/laptop for reading.

You can also sign in with your account on an iPad to access and read all the same issues for no extra charge as a subscriber by using your desktop/laptop credentials!

At this moment a desktop/laptop subscription will not allow subscription access via Google Play on an Android tablet or on an Amazon Fire tablet.

We’re unsure why and are looking into it – so check back for updates.

Remember, if you would like to sample us before you subscribe, please read Issue 01 – our free issue!

On iPads and Androids, you are able to buy single issues – and also subscribe (iPads only).

***If you’re a tablet user, we hope you’ll subscribe through this site and then log in on your tablet—doing so will put more of your dollars into the magazine’s infrastructure.

In 2018, when we launch our smart phone app, subscribers will have free access to all issues there as well.

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No. Our art direction is so detailed that you currently cannot read Backstory on a cell phone. We are available on desktops and laptops via and in an app on iPads and in Google Play (for Android tablets).

In 2020 we are planning to evaluate the cost of launching an app for mobile phones that will strip away the art direction and have the articles available for reading – this will be included for free with your subscription! Stay tuned!

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If you’re encountering a new error not listed here – please scroll down and use the contact us form to report the bug & we’ll start scratching our heads as we try and figure out how to fix it!

Thanks for your patience~

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We love to post-publish.

This means we announce an article in our table of contents but the interview often wasn’t even conducted when we clicked publish. This also allows readers to see what’s in store for the issue.

We love the flexibility of being able to publish post facto because it allows us expand coverage past our publication date to bring our readers the best content we can.

Sometimes we even add articles not previously announced.

Post-publishing is often simply a matter of juggling talent schedules with production schedules.

When you see a page that says the piece will be post published and to “check back for updates” please periodically return to that page.

Once we’ve published the piece, the post-publish message will disappear and the article is displayed in its place.

Note: After a software change, we noticed a few of articles missing from previous issues and are working to update them one by one – thanks for your patience!

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You cannot download the web browser version of Backstory for offline reading.

On a tablet, you can do this on a per issue basis.

Once inside an issue you have bought individually, or an issue you have access to as a subscriber – use the down arrow icon to download the issue onto your tablet.

After you’ve read the issue, you can then archive it and free up space on your tablet.

NOTE: Backstory issues are commonly 200 – 500 mb.

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Simply use the View menu in your web browser and then select zoom and adjust accordingly.

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We work just dandy on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

If you feel the need to adjust the viewing of our artfully decorated pages – use the “view” button in your web browser to zoom in, zoom out or make further adjustments.

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It would seem while converting our issues to the web a few of our photo galleries and art galleries (sets of multiple pictures to scroll through) do not work in the web viewer and need re-adjusting.

We are aware of the issue and working with our developer to fix it soon.

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We do not work as an app on a Kindle Fire, but we think (and are testing soon) that you can subscribe to use by visiting in the your web browser on a Kindle Fire.

We’ll announce if there’s any changes.


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We launched on December 27th, 2017 and due to an unfortunate bit of meddling with dark magic, we went offline for a few hours that eve.

Emergency measures were taken and after playing with a ouija board, the digital avatar of an intern was sacrificed and our service was miraculously restored.

We’re happy with the progress – yet we now have to tinker to get back to how we like things – so we apologize for all our digital dust! T

he good news is the magazine itself was unaffected by the outage – so, please go read the free issue or subscribe and log in just as you always would!

Thanks for your patience~

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Due to a recent outage – some links from Issue 30 are being restored and should be working soon, so thanks for your patience!

This means you can still read the articles without problem – but some of the buttons on those pages might not work – so please know we are working on this and it’ll be done soon~

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