At the end of 2019 we implemented new software and there’s an odd glitch that is signing out some folks on iPads and here on our website as well.

The problem is the password reset button isn’t showing up for everyone – so we’re happy to do this manually for our readers until it’s fixed!

1) If you purchased your subscription through our website – please email and just give us your full name and we’ll look you up and reset your password.

2) If you purchased your subscription on an iPad – please email us at and tell us your full name and include a screenshot of your subscription from the iTunes store so we can see your activation dates, etc – and we’ll reset your password.

FYI – iPad users also get free access to the web-viewer version – so your login credentials will work in both places.

Also for iPad users – consider ending your Apple subscription and subscribing through our website – that’d be just dandy as we won’t then lose 30% to apple and can direct more of your subscription fee toward Backstory’s resources.

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Why yes you can – just click the “gift” option when checking out!

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We love Apple, but they share none of their information with us. For that reason we need to verify you. Please make a scan or jpg of your credit card statement that shows your Backstory subscription purchase and email it to

We must see your name or company name as part of verification. Please cover up your credit card numbers with a piece of paper – or redact them digitally. We also need to see what month your subscription began.

Upon receipt of this, we will manually create a web subscription account for you and will email your login credentials to you.

This process might take up to 3 business days – might be same day – we’re working as fast as we can~

Your web access will expire on the same date your tablet subscription does.

**We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider cancelling your iPad subscription when it’s time to be renewed and paying to subscribe through this website!

By subscribing here more of your subscription dollars go toward the magazine.

Subscribers can use their login credentials from this site to sign in to the app on their iPads and keep reading – so it’s a win-win!

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If you’re encountering a new error not listed here – please scroll down and use the contact us form to report the bug & we’ll start scratching our heads as we try and figure out how to fix it!

Thanks for your patience~

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A subscription includes any new content we publish over the course of a full year from the date you subscribe. We are a bi-monthly publication, so over the course of a year you’ll see six issues. **Bonus** You also get access to every past issue we’ve published – so you currently get 29 issues!

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A year of Backstory is $24.95 and includes all the content we’ve ever published! You’ll get access to each new issue and also have access to every previous issue we’ve ever published!

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Technically yes and no.

No, because our main payment gateway is not set up for it, so you cannot do it through the instantaneous method on our site.

Yes, because of course we’ll still accept it if that’s the way you want to pay!

Just send the $24.95 US Dollars to yogoldsmith at G  m  a  i  l  .  c  o  m — yes – we separated that email address so kooky bots don’t start sending random stuff – but like you need to take out the spaces when you send money. Also – please send money as if you’re sending it to a friend, so we don’t encounter any fees.

Upon receipt of payment – we will manually set up a subscription account for you and will use the email address you paid with to email that info to you. Since we’re doing it manually – it might take us up to an hour after receiving it – or a full day or so. Our hope is to get your reading as fast as we can but just wanted you to know there could be a small wait.


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We hope you’ll subscribe through this website, since that will put 30% more of your subscription dollars toward our operating costs and continuing to build our infrastructure.

By subscribing here, we’ll also be able to alert you better when new issues arrive or articles are post published – something that we mostly can’t do if you subscribe on an iPad.

Subscribing here will also allow you to use your log in information on an iPad or through the Backstory App in Google Play on an Android tablet.

If you’re a current iPad subscriber – when you get that once a year email asking if you want to auto-renew your subscription, we hope you’ll actually cancel on an iPad and instead come over her to subscribe.

You’ll get all the same access by subscribing here and then can log in on your iPad (or through Google Play on an Android tablet) with your shiny new credentials.

It’s the best of both worlds!

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A web subscription allows you access to all of Backstory’s content for one year.

At the end of a year, you will lose access to this content unless your subscription is renewed.

iPad users are allowed to download issues for offline reading. Chances are once your subscription expires, your download issues will remain available on that device for a limited time.

It would seem that once a user updates their app to the latest version, if their subscription has expired and not been renewed their downloaded issues may disappear.

For iPad users who have previously purchased individual issues – you will continue to have access to the individual issues you purchased on your iPad after your subscription expires.

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Backstory retains no payment information from transactions since they are all fulfilled through a payment service run by – a secure payment vendor.

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Technically you cannot subscribe via Google Play; however, if you purchase a web subscription through this site, you can log in to the Backstory App via Google Play and suddenly have access to all of Backstory’s content there! Cool right?

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We do not work as an app on a Kindle Fire, but we think (and are testing soon) that you can subscribe to use by visiting in the your web browser on a Kindle Fire.

We’ll announce if there’s any changes.


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We just fixed these two odd errors so if you got errors before as a subscriber outside of the USA – please try again.

Getting some sort of a new error? Please scroll down and send us an email to report it~

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We’ve noticed that in Firefox if you’re using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that sometimes you cannot move forward to pay and subscribe.

This is because your VPN might be interfering with your ability to verify that you are not a robot to CAPTCHA.

The way to know if this is an issue is if you do not see a box on the subscription page telling you to verify that you are not a robot.

If you do not see the CAPTCHA box, you’ll need to do one of two things:

  1. Turn off your VPN, verify you’re not a robot and then turn it back on as you complete your order (this seems to have worked).
  2. Or – simply open a new browser with your VPN on like Safari or Chrome and complete your order there as we have not seen VPN interference problems there.
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Gosh – we hope you’ll considering staying with us and are happy to offer you a discount to renew!

If you need to cancel and purchased your subscription via there’s nothing you need to do to cancel – it’s all automatic.

When your subscription runs out – your access is lost.

If you subscribed via an iPad, learn how to cancel a subscription via your Apple ID.

Feel free to write in anytime to – and we thank you for considering staying with us and supporting film journalism!

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